Clients are saying...


"Virtually everyone knows about the Law of Attraction, but most of us still fail to attract that which we want into our lives. Many energy workers use muscle testing to discern answers to our questions. However, the value of an answer depends upon the wisdom of the question. Desiring something at the conscious level does no good if you are not resonating with it an an unconscious level, which is where the magic happens,


What makes Patti so valuable as a guide is that she knows the questions to ask and can discern answers at the vibrational level using a proven system along with her own considerable intuition to ferret out issues that lead to revelations and release blockages. She is passionate, personable and professional.


Never in a million years would I have ever stumbled upon the issues that arose in my sessions with her, issues critical to healing my body and my life. Yet after each session I felt freer, clearer and empowered - and in hours, not weeks or months. If you are truly ready for change and willing to go deep to clear your blockages, I highly recommend Patti."




"Working with Patti has been a real pleasure.  She is personable, creative and compassionate.  What I enjoy most about her approach is that she is a meticulous listener.  I have worked with her to grow my business using Resonance Repatterning, and I've worked with her to clear some seemingly large blocks. Patti brings integrity and joy to the healing process, and I've experienced some outstanding results in working with her.  My business has grown, attracted new customers, better talent, and I am enjoying my own role as a team leader even more. I would highly recommend Patti for anyone who is looking for a powerful approach to creating a quantum shift in their life."



"After ten years of traditional talk therapy that never really got close to my real problem, one session with Patti not only zeroed right in on the issue, but healed and transformed it!"


"Even weeks after my session, it feels as if all those unformed thoughts and fears that never really seemed to rise up to a conscious level are gone. I feel as if I’m really clear for the first time."                                    —D.F.


"I feel wonderful. I have so much passion for life now. It’s truly a powerful healing system.  I feel fantastic."          


"Sometimes I get an immediate and profound shift from a repatterning session, and sometimes I just feel freer, as if the problem just isn’t important anymore. My focus and energy turn toward what works instead of what doesn’t work. It is always just right for me."



"I noticed after the repatterning that I felt freer and lighter than I had in years. The financial worries of never enough money—or when there was, financial problems soon cropped up—the worries disappeared!  I am so grateful. My life is much easier and I am so calm now. Thanks again."           —T.W.

Patti Towhill

Holistic Counselor

Resonance Repatterning

Certified Practitioner


Words of wisdom...

"It is not that our hopes are too high to reach, it’s that they are too low and we do."

"Imagine how high you could soar if you were to clear away all those inhibitions that come between you and the sky."             

                                   —Oprah Winfrey

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