What is a session like?
Through energy kinesiology, a very gentle form of muscle checking, the body’s biofeedback responses are used to access the wisdom of the unconscious mind to identify the resonance that is creating blocks and stopping you from living in tune with Spirit and your Higher Self – the sources of all positive change.


Using muscle checking, we determine which holistic modalities will create the desired transformation. The therapies used are gentle, natural,  safe and often fun. Resonance Repatterning uses the world's most effective, natural methods for shifting energy, such as light, color, sound, breath, movement, energy contact and visualization.

Resonance Repatterning uses principles and practices from new physics, applied kinesiology, modern psychology, vibrational medicine, universal spirituality, the Chinese Five Elements and Meridians, the Chakra system of India, and various holistic concepts of the living energy which comprises the human body-mind system, such as Polarity Therapy, Brain Gym®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, and Craniosacral Therapy.

People report experiencing profound, yet gentle changes in the way they interact with life. Resonance Repatterning is as effective in person as at a distance, and is as effective in groups as in individual sessions. It is appropriate for adults, children, animals, couples and organizations.


Patti Towhill is a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and active member of the Repatterning Practitioners Association. For other types of counseling and healing therapy offered by Patti,

please visit:

Transformative Therapies for Conscious Living at www.PattiTowhill.com.



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Patti Towhill

Holistic Counselor

Resonance Repatterning Certified Practitioner


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How much does a private session cost?

Sessions last from one and a half to two hours.

Your Resonance Repatterning sessions may be done in person, by phone, or Skype, or by proxy (distance healing). ​

For one individual:

New Client/First Session  $150


Regular Session             $125


Discounted 3-pack          $330​​​​​​​​

Advance payment only.

For two individuals or a couple at the same time:

First Session                     $250


Regular Session             $220

Secure online payments are made through Paypal.

For in person sessions, cash and checks are also gratefully accepted.

Click here to book a private session now​. ​Private sessions are available at times that suit your schedule. Instructions on how to prepare for your session will be emailed shortly after you set your appointment.  


If you choose an in-person session, driving directions to the Sandy Springs, Georgia therapy studio will be emailed after you set your appointment.

How to prepare for your session:​

To receive the most benefit from your session, it is best to prepare by contemplating the following questions. You may wish to write down your answers and any insights you have.

   1.  What has motivated you to action at this time?

   2.  What do you think is the underlying cause of the issue you 

        want to focus on?

   3.  What would you like to accomplish in this session

        specifically?  If you have more than one goal, please try

        to prioritize them.

   4.  How do you KNOW Truth when it comes to you? In other

        words, what are the sensations or feelings that let you

        know you have hit upon Truth?

   5.  How would you like to feel after the session?

   6.  How do you envision your life will be when you have

        achieved your goals?