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Change Your Energy to Change Your Life
To achieve your goals in any area of life you must resonate with them. If you are doing everything right and still not achieving your goals, it's time for a new approach.
Resonance Repatterning® is an elegant, profound, yet simple process that can help you identify and clear the unconscious patterns that are creating resistance to the achievement of your goals.
Everything in your life, in this universe, is made up of energy. Your body, emotions, memories, and thoughts are all made up of energy, too. Just by being alive, you are broadcasting your energy frequencies out to the universe, like a radio transmitter. The universe receives your signals and sends back whatever supports the energy of your present condition.
When you are resonating with the energy of negativity, problems, and limitations, that is what you get back from life. When you resonate with energy frequencies of what is positive, healthy, abundant, and fulfilling, that is what the universe brings you. Take a moment right now to remember a time when this proved to be true in your own life.
You see, wanting something and having positive intentions and declaring affirmations about it just isn't enough. Unconscious, disharmonious energy patterns create interference and prevent you from manifesting your intentions, and realizing your dreams. For you to truly have what you want, your energy must be harmoniously resonating with the vibrational frequency of what you want.
As a Certified Practitioner of the Resonance Repatterning® system, I can help you identify your unconscious patterns that hold you back in life. Together, we will easily shift your resonance to the frequency of your positive intentions. You will see your problems and limitations just fall away. You will experience the joy of having Life manifest your positive intentions in a very natural way. With a little bit a science,  it will seem like magic.
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Words of Wisdom


“If there is anything, and I do mean ANYTHING in your life, world, or affairs that you are willing and ready to heal, this work is something you will want to discover and embrace. Resonance Repatterning® is powerful.”

                                        —Iyanla Vanzant​


"There is no work more significan  for these times. For at every level and in every direction we sense small or large issues that prevent all of us from living in the world of peace and happiness that everyone longs for... 


"The vibrant alignment of one's molecules creates far more than health. Through the connection of your body with the vast fabric of space, the world around you begins to align with your purpose or destiny.” ​

                                       —James L. Oschman, PhD.​

"If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think of energies, frequencies and vibrations."

                             —Nicola Tesla

"We are wired for success and survival...

"Through our resonance with the highest frequencies within, we do more than just sustain ourselves. We thrive, innovate, develop, grow and live our very best..."

             —Chloe Faith Wordsworth, founder of Resonance Repatterning,

                 author of Quantum Change Made Easy

"After years of thought, study and contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one thing in the universe - energy - beyond that is a Supreme Intelligence."       

                               —Albert Einstein

"Evidence now exists that the essential view of life is characterized not by chemical reactions, but by informal electromagnetic fields. Within this framework, an explanation of all life processes, i.e. health, aging, disease, biological rhythms and controls are found."  
                            —Institute of Physics, Academy of Science


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Patti Towhill

Holistic Counselor

Resonance Repatterning

Certified Practitioner


Watch a video about Resonance Repatterning  with its founder, my teacher, Chloe Faith Wordsworth.


   "Virtually everyone knows about the Law of Attraction, but most of us still fail to attract that which we want into our lives. Many energy workers use muscle testing to discern answers to our questions. However, the value of an answer depends upon the wisdom of the question. Desiring something at the conscious level does no good if you are not resonating with it an an unconscious level, which is where the magic happens. 


   "What makes Patti so valuable as a guide is that she knows the questions to ask and can discern answers at the vibrational level using a proven system along with her own considerable intuition to ferret out issues that lead to revelations and release blockages. She is passionate, personable and professional.


   "Never in a million years would I have ever stumbled upon the issues that arose in my sessions with her, issues critical to healing my body and my life. Yet after each session I felt freer, clearer and empowered - and in hours, not weeks or months. If you are truly ready for change and willing to go deep to clear your blockages, I highly recommend Patti." 


"I found working with Patti to be a very powerful experience. Her skill with the Resonance Repatterning process was masterful and helped me to take a quantum leap forward in my life. I can't thank her enough for helping me to shift my frequency in several key areas. I feel like a new person."


"I realized I was always harping on what I didn't want. This helped me work toward a new paradigm shift."


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